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Cyberpunk 2020 Timeline


Start of first Central American Conflict. U.S. engages in interventionist actions in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador. Military forces are sent to secure the Canal Zone from an ex-U.S. puppet dictator. West, East Germany reunited. Warsaw pact breaks up into separate nations. Breakup of Soviet mega-state. From this point, the USSR begins a new era of rapprochment with Western Europe; by the 2000’s, the Soviets are the Eurotheatre’s most powerful allies. Soviet president Gorbachev appoints party successor, Andrei Gorborev. Fall of South Africa. For the next 4 years, there is little or no communication, although terrible atrocities and genocidal wars are rumored.


Eurospace agency launches Hermes spaceplane Gorborev regime purges last of old hardliners CHOOH2 developed by Biotechnica First arcology built on ruins of Jersey City. 16 “arcos” begin construction over the next 5 years, until the collapse of 1997, leaving the huge structures half completed, filled with squatters and homeless. Artificial muscle fibers developed at Stanford Research Center.


The Treaty of 1992 establishes the European Economic Community. Zones of control and protective tariffs regulate the activities of member nations, France, Britain, United Germany, Italy. A common currency unit (the eurodollar) is established, based on average value in gold of all currencies combined. Trapped in paranoid isolationism, the U.S.. declines to enter. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) develops and spreads several designer plagues worldwide, targeting coca and opium plants. Governments of Chile, Ecuador collapse. A savage drug war breaks out between Eurocorp-backed dealers and DEA all over the Americas. First use of high energy laser lift arrays in USSR. Simple massdriver established in Canary Islands by eight member Eurospace Agency.


First TRC biologic interface chips developed in Munich, United Germany. AV-4 aerodyne assault vehicle developed to deal with increasing riots in U.S. urban zones. Columbian druglords detonate small tactical nuclear device in New York. 15,000 killed.


World Stock Market Crash of ‘94. U.S. economy teeters, then collapses.


Kilimanjaro massdriver begins construction, under joint agreement between ESA and Pan-African Alliance.


The Collapse of the United States. Weakened by losses in the World Stock Crash, overwhelmed by unemployment, homelessness and corruption, many city governments collapse or go bankrupt. The U.S. Government, snarled in a staggering deficit and the machinations of the Gang of Four, is totally ineffective. Nomad Riots. By now, 1 in 4 Americans are homeless. Hundreds of thousands riot for living space throughout the US. Nomad packs spring up on the west coast and spread rapidly through the nation. First appearance of boostergangs. Lawyer Purge. Irate citizens lynch hundreds of criminal defense attorneys. U.S. Constitution suspended. Martial law established in US.


Mideast Meltdown. tensions in Middle East escalate to nuclear exchange. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Chad and the Arab Emirates reduced to radioactive slag. World oil supply drops by half. Toxic spill kills off most of salmon population in Pacific Northwest. Seattle economy crippled. ‘Rockerboy’ Manson killed in England.


Neo-Luddites re-established in Western Kentucky. Over the next ten years, The “Luds” are responsible for bombings of airports, factories, freeways and mass transit terminals. The Drought of ‘98 reduces most of the midwest to parched grasslands. Between agribusiness corps and drought, the family farm all but disappears. 10.5 quake shatters Los Angeles; Pacific Ocean inundates 35% of the city. An estimated 65,000 are killed. Nuclear accident in Pittsburgh kills 257. Cancer deaths soar over next ten years.


Federal weapons statute established. Millennium cults begin to appear, predicting an apocalypse on Jan.1, 2000. Thousands migrate to isolated communes & temples to “await the end”. Tycho Colony established. a massdriver is constructed to provide raw materials for orbital platforms.


Millennium cults run amok on Jan 1st in orgy of suicide & violence; most destroy themselves. First “extended family” posergangs established. Massive firestorms rage over northwestern U.S., destroying millions of acres of farm and grassland. Crystal Palace space station begun at L-5. Wasting Plague hits U.S., Europe, killing hundreds of thousands.


The framework of the Net firmly in place with construction of the Worldsat network.


Food Crash; mutated plant virus wipes out Canadian, Soviet crops. U.S. agribusiness crops survive due to new biological counteragent. USSR accuses U.S.. of biological warfare.


Second Central American War. U.S. invades Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela. The War is a disaster that costs thousands of American lives. Eventually, the remainder of the Gang of Four is swept away on a wave of reform. WNS media star Tesla Johanneson exposes secret NSA transcripts of the 1st Central American conflict.


First cloned tissue growth in vitro. Microsutures, sterilizer fields developed. Tesla Johanneson assassinated in Cairo. First Corp War. 12 multinats, (including EBM & OA) battle for control of Trans-World Air.


Cybermodem invented. EBM solos attack Tokyo office of Kenjiri Technologies, killing 18. End of 1st Corp War.


First Human clone grown in vitro. Mindless, it only lives for 6 hours.


Second Corporate War: Involving a number of firms including Petrochem, the dispute is over oilfields in the South China Sea. Braindance developed at UC Santa Cruz, California


U.S. assault on Soviet weapons platform MIR XIII. Eurospace agency intervenes. and Orbital War breaks out between the “euros” and the “yanks”, until Tycho colony massdriver drops a rock on Colorado Springs. An uneasy peace is reached.


Joint Euro-Soviet mission to Mars departs. Corporations eradicate mob rule in Night City. Abortive takeover attempt by U.S. “terrorist group" of Crystal Palace construction. ESA discovers Defense Intelligence Agency plot and drops 12 ton rock off Washington as a warning.


End of Second Central American Conflict. Network 54 now controls 62% of all media broadcasting in U.S. Food riots in Denver kill 52.


Crystal Palace is completed. ESA now has a permanent hold in High Orbit zone. ESA/Soviet mission reaches Mars.


Bioplague kills 1,700 in Chicago. Concert riot in Night City kills 18, wounds 51. Old Arasaka complex gutted.


Netwatch established by joint U.S./ Eurotheatre treaty. First true Artificial intelligence developed at Microtech’s Sunnyvale, CA. facility.


I-G transformations redesign the Net. During this time, renegade netrunner Rache Bartmoss plants the DataKrash virus into the architecture of the Net. “Metal Wars”begin in Night City as gangs battle for turf.


Rise of the cyber-mercenaries; Lithuania hires cyber-soldiers to repel invasions by Latvian nationals.


Third Corporate war is fought in the Net, as rival corps attack each other’s data fortresses.


First self-aware human clones created.


Brushfire Wars erupt in Eastern Europe. ESA mission launched to Jupiter


Orbital colony revolt at L-3.



Night City blues

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