the streets of Night City are alive and crawling. With gangs.

By day, the street is the province of corporate movers and commuting Beavers. But at night the predators slither out from under their rocks and trash heaps, and the City howls.

Call them gutterals,night crawlers, trash or streetscum; the gangs are the ultimate rulers of the city’s night. Whether it’s a small pack of a dozen, or an army of two hundred, each gang in Night City is as diverse as the street itself; guardians, chromers, dorphers and freaks, all thrown together in a lethal cocktail, mixed and sprinkled liberally with blood.

the Black Queens
the Wild Things
the Brainiacs
the Slaughterhouse
the Back Alley Brawlers
the DJ’s
the Silver Slash
the Philharmonic Vampyres
the Julliard
Sacred Blades
the Bozos
the Voodoo Boys

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Night City blues tomlan71